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Refund Policy

Our Money Back Guarantee

This is the refund policy which is applicable to Pro Assignment and Research

The policy is divided into 2 sections:

  • Before approving your order.
  • After approving your order.

If you live in South Africa and paid VAT in the process of the payment transaction, you do not receive it back with a refund. You get back only the percentage of the price stated as the final price. VAT is non-refundable.

Before approving the order:

You can only get 100% refund if:

  • There was a payment mistake (identical orders, double payment, etc).
  • We are not able to provide you with a suitable writer in your specific field.
  • You don't need the paper because the deadline has passed before it was delivered to you (and there is written proof). In a case like this, you don’t receive the work and don’t have the right to use any material that we may have sent you before related to this order.

You can get 85% refund if:

  • The writer has not attended to your order, and less than a half of the deadline has passed, the payment was received, transaction and refund fees should be covered.

You will be eligible for a 65% refund if:

  • The writer has already started on your work, and less than a half of the deadline has passed the writer has to be compensated.

You will be able to get back 50% of your money if:

  • The writer has already started your work, and more than a half of the deadline passed.

In case we fail to provide the paper on time but its still needed, we will refund a 10%

N.B Please note that you have 7 days to approve the paper. Time for approval is calculated.

In case, you are not satisfied with the overall quality of the work received, you have a right to ask for a Free Revision from another writer.

For a free revision writer to be assigned, the client has to bear in mind the following:

  • You have to provide strong reasons to back up your extra request.
  • It takes some more time to check your paper and probably change or edit it.
  • Failure to provide the information required as a proof of the need for revision within 7 days will result in annulment of any possible request and no refund will be possible thereafter.

After approving the paper:

Our clients can review their work and ask for additional corrections if necessary. However, once you ask for a final paper and receive the final link (should be two links), which gives you full access to the final editable and printable version of the paper, you only have three (3) hours from the time the last link is sent to check through and verify if all is as expected, if you don’t query within that time frame, any further queries will automatically be considered null unless agreed on individual basis with communication proof. By not querying within that given time, you confirm that you are satisfied with the quality of the work and have no complaints about the writer's work.

Do not send an approval email if you have not checked the quality of the paper or you are not satisfied with it. If you are not satisfied with the work, ask our representatives and ask for a preview of your paper.

We don't guarantee any particular grade and you cannot ask for refund in case you were poorly assessed as this does not only depend on us.

N.B. In case of any query, you have to notify us first, if you fail to do so before communicating to any third party, it will be considered as a breach of contract.